Monday, December 13, 2010

THAT student...part 2

The idea that teachers shouldn't have favorites in their students is a valid one - but we're all human so, every once in a while you find students that you wish you could clone. The student I'm talking about, no one wants to clone, but I still like him. For whatever reason, he's the kid that comes into my class and everyday, I can't help but want to do everything I can for him.

He's naughty a lot of other places and for other teachers. He's naughty in the hall and gets into trouble a lot...but I can't help it. He's works for me, he really likes to read and he's patient in my room. His home life is tough...and there are some days I wish I could just bring him home with me.

This year during conferences, I watched as he looked at the different kinds of books on the table at the book fair. He didn't say anything, but he looked particularly at one book and a couple of things that if he had had the money, he would've gotten. Earlier in the day I had decided to choose one student from each block of students I have and get them something from the book fair...I chose him as one of these students.

I know that this generation of students sometimes feel the need to be entitled. They believe that they are entitled to certain things because of who they are. He doesn't seem to feel this way. There were two kids that I was able to get things for that were so appreciative it almost made me cry...he was one. The smile on his face was so big! He carried that book with him for the rest of the short week and then made sure I knew that he had read it by retelling me practically every part of the book.

These are the kids I work so hard for...these are the kids that make it worth it to come to school...these are the kids that I would gladly do anything for - accommodate them, help them and work with them. THAT student is one that makes it all worth it.

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