Sunday, January 1, 2012

new year...

Tomorrow we're starting a new year. We're also starting a new unit in Literacy. In this unit we're all finally working together as a Literacy team. This has been a want/need of mine for most of the year. The actually feeling of all being on the same page, working together and even grading together.

Each of us gets to play to a strength of ours. One of us is doing the writing part of the unit. Alicia is a whiz at using writing frames. She differentiates so well when she's teaching writing. I love what she can do. She's able to push me in different ways when we're teaching writing. She and Justean will be such a great team together.

Terry will be working with fluency and vocabulary. He has a such a big vocabulary himself that I believe he'll do a great job working with the kids here. Because he's such a wealth of knowledge, I've really wanted him to really work with us in doing rotations and collaboration.

I will be working with the comprehension of the some way. I have already gotten our novel unit done...questions and all. I'm still working on projects that these guys can do that we can display and show what they know and how they're doing.

I'm really excited about this year. The first two months should be really good. I'm hoping that at the end of the week or the month, I can report back and say some truly positive things.

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