Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Alright...I've tried to make this blog as positive as possible...to talk about things that make me more sad and not mad about my job. Today is not one of those days....today was a day that was made for complaining.

First of all - I don't like interruptions. I don't mean the occassional phone call or teacher that has an important question - but the things that I think we could totally do some other time. Today it was Vision Screening. We took the whole of the 7th grade class into a room and did their vision testing. It would've been ok had we not already decided to adjust our schedule by doing "pull outs" for a skills check. It took 2 full blocks to get this all done.

Secondly - I'm flexible, but not that flexible....and yes, I do mean that. Today it was like a bunch of things collided to make the day unfortunate. Unfortunately, my collab teacher was sick. We really missed her today. She's great! Unfortunately, our behavior interventionist was gone....which was bad because he had no sub! Next, we had Vision Screening and plus we were already planning on pulling kids......it was just one thing after another.

Finally - and I will write more on this....I really HATE the disrespect in the hallways. Middle School kids who use profanity towards me and towards others. I believe we have let this generation get away with this FAR too much...especially in our building. Don't get me wrong. I have voiced this opinion of mine to my adminstrators so I don't feel bad about putting this out there. In fact, I've had MANY discussions with them this year.

Today was a day....and definitely not a great one. I will now be going home to enjoy some alone time with a beverage of my choice....

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