Wednesday, September 19, 2012

this year....

So, last year ended interestingly.  I wasn't sure I would blog again...but I decided that I needed to keep at it.  It's one thing that keeps me sane and helps me work through things that I need to. 

This year - the word that I'm working on is patience.  My classes are very nice this sounded like we may have some issues - but they have obviously matured and are a nice group.  I am being challenged a different way this year.  A lot of my students are struggling...they need to be told directions a lot and are easily distracted.  Now, I know that you you're thinking - "well, they're teenagers, of course they are..."  and you're right, but it's just creating a challenge for me.

My lesson for this year is learning to be kind.  Don't get me wrong - I can still get grumpy with them, but I'm trying to understand that sometimes, I get more than they do.  They're seeing it for the first time - I may be seeing it for the 12th....

So, while I reign myself in, remembering that these guys are not as independent as I sometimes wish they were - I am again learning a new skill.

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