Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Positive Thinking

My positive thought is at how well our transformation into IB is going.  As we meet with other buildings in the district, I'm noticing that we have been better instructed or lead in our training. 

This past Friday, we sat with another building and an IB trainer.  While I did learn many things - I realized that we were farther along in our experiences with IB.  We had units that were done, ideas we could talk from and tasks that were already completed.  It felt good to know that we were doing what we needed...like we were the "cool kids".

Frequently, I feel like we are the last ones being told stuff and that our plates are overloaded.  This year, I feel like I can take a breath.  It's always rushed at the beginning - new year, new kids to get to know, etc. But right now I feel good. 

Our Literacy team seems to have found our rhythm...we have lessons going more smoothly, communication is better and we're getting more into the flow of things.  The kids have seemed to find their flow and groove as well.  The honeymoon period is over, but things - for the most part - are still good. 

I'm hoping the positive vibes are stick around.

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