Friday, November 19, 2010


I believe there is a lot out there that is hurting education...legislators who don't know what the system does and have never been in it, society as a whole, people who don't value education and, right now, the media. Our state newspaper is one of those things that really irks me when it comes to reporting on educational matters. The latest story is that educators are abusing children and it's just being covered up....with the recent stories that have been breaking because of youtube videos - I find that extremely hard to believe.

My frustration and lack of trust toward our media right now is one of sheer disillusionment. I guess the days are gone where perhaps we could get stories that portrayed both sides of an issue. The idea that one opinion is just as good as the other is acceptable now. I don't understand how this idea has become the mainstream. It makes me unhappy that people who know nothing about education, think the articles in the newspaper are fact and not necessarily someone else's opinion.

I hope that we can figure out how educate the public on issues that affect them and their children. I am thankful and grateful that we have parents that understand this and are willing to ignore the naysayers. While I keep acknowledging that the educational system isn't perfect, I hope that people understand this and work WITH us and not against us to mend it.

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