Monday, November 1, 2010


So, tomorrow is Election Day...I can definitely say that I'm nervous. Tomorrow we are voting for a new governor, representatives and whether or not we keep some Supremes.

Here's what I know. I am voting for the lesser of two evils in the governor race. Of the two individuals, I just feel one is less worse than the other. The one that I am probably voting for is the one that talks a good game but kind of mucked it up when it came to education in this state. He didn't give us everything he promised - what politician does - but he won't hurt as much as the one he's running against. The second candidate...ah, gotta love this one. When he left, the educators in this state were being touted as the best teachers in the nation, but almost the lowest paid in the nation. He cut a lot of taxes, but for big business and not for those who truly needed it. I'm afraid of what will happen if he comes fact, I'm in fear of it. Most people were leaving the state when he was governor - like rats in a sinking ship. I can't imagine that it will be any better if he returns.

The second thing, in my opinion, that is big for us to vote on - is the to vote out some of our state Supremes. Our state decided that it was ok for EVERYONE to be able to get married here. I'm all for that...what people in our state want now is to vote those people out. Ok, let's think about this. We want to get rid of people who essentially don't agree with us...this is what we're saying. The Supremes aren't corrupt or incompetent...we just didn't like the way they voted.

Yea, I don't understand people either.....

Either way, Wednesday morning will either bring a sigh of relief or a shriek of frustration at the outcome of this election.

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