Monday, November 1, 2010


Today when I got home I had a nice surprise in the mail...a letter, all the way from Korea. My sister-in-law's sister, Becky, sent me a letter. I love the fact that she is over there...what I love most is viewing her blog about her experiences in Korea. If you want to read it: It's full of her adventures.

Becky is working as a teacher for two years. She's working with Kindergarteners. She having a great time there. What I love are her comments about teaching. We've been having a lot of conversations about that too. She's experiencing parent/teacher conferences, having to discipline students, planning curriculum....all while in a completely foreign environment. And I mean foreign......

I'm really impressed with all the things she's been able to see while she's been there and stuff she's learning. A very large part of me is so jealous...but I don't know if I could do what she is over there. I am more than jealous of her ability to decide to take on an adventure like this...she's the definition of a "go-getter" in the best possible way.

I hope her experiences over there are positive and that she keeps sharing what she's doing.

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