Thursday, October 14, 2010

example of a good teacher - part 1

I work with a lot of different people with a lot of different backgrounds and experience. Every day I marvel at what I can learn from them. This is my first installment of mentioning those that have qualities that I appreciate, covet or wish I had....

First, my parents, biased or unbiased in my opinion, were my first and best examples of teachers. I watched them for years put a lot of time in planning lessons, grading papers and establishing relationships with their students. My mom especially was interesting to me because I originally started out wanting to work with elementary students. My dad became more of an interest to me as I began to work with middle schoolers.

One thing I want to clear up right away....I was not the perfect student. In fact, I was that one student that teachers don't like. You know, the one that messes around in your room and then you ask them a question hoping to trip them up...and they are able to answer the question. Yeah, that one...that was me. Plus, I was very negative ways. I didn't want the kids in school to think I was the goody kid, so I acted out. My parents now laugh and think that it's kind of karmic that I work with some of the kids I do.

Anyway, back to the teacher I want to mention today. The behavior interventionist - you know who you are - that works across the hall from me......I knew she worked hard, but until this year, being as close to her as I am....I'm also realizing how much patience she has. At times where I think I'd be pulling out all of my hair...her calm demeanor makes the kids feel more at ease. She has the great ability of being able to let things roll off her when she needs to let them go. She doesn't feed into the meltdown that's going on and then lets them know that she's still there for them and moves on from the incident. She is able to establish such a good relationship with them that they depend on her, whether they realize this or not. I have found myself taking her into my confidence at times about what to do for certain students when I'm stuck and don't know what to do. She seems to have a plethora of ideas and let's me know that I'm not dumb for asking. She even has a way of putting ME at ease at times.

So, here's to one of my colleages. I will be talking about the rest of you that are in my pro column of good teachers I know as well. Don't be guys are my rocks and people that I'm glad I get to work with...what you do is important and should be celebrated!

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