Friday, October 1, 2010

So sick....

This is my 11th year as a teacher....yes, a teacher. I came to this year after one of the most tiring, burnt out, ready to switch my profession years. I moved grade levels, teams and was a fresh start....and it has been.

I don't profess to be perfect....I'm not. But what I do admit a love of my job, a love of teaching and a love of students.

This year started so positively. I really like the kids this year. They have a good sense of humor, they want to do their best and they seem to geniunely be willing to show me how well they can do.

What's not starting so positively - the jabs that my profession is constantly enduring. I've been watching what the Obama administration has been saying about, I voted for him, so I'm not afraid to criticize when I'm the one who believed that he could help schools. I've been watching my state legislature state over and over again, that teachers are so terrible and now basing testing scores of children on how much I get paid. I've been watching the media bash what I do over and over again - Waiting for Superman....GET REAL!

What I have seen....teachers coming together, not always to have to justify what they do, but to find common ground with others who don't know WHAT we do. Teachers not only educate, we know our curriculum....we went to school for 4 years - some of us longer - we know our curriculum. We have to be parents, mentors, counselors, etc....I'm not blaming anyone when I say this...I'm just saying, sometimes our roles are more than what we do. We don't deal with things....we deal with kids. Kids who sometime don't eat breakfast in the morning, that go to bed late at night, that have imperfect families....Everything that other people don't sometimes think about.

I've watched some of us work long hours, attend countless meetings, and re-educate ourselves. I've watched some of us do this with families, and second jobs, and no sleep. I work with these people, commiserate, support and respect these people.

Don't get me wrong....there are bad teachers. I've worked with them too. EVERY profession has bad ones....EVERY PROFESSION!

Unfortunately, I've found people focusing in on a few instead of the many. I'm hoping that my blog might have a bit of an impact on that...but who knows. A blog is what it is....sometimes a place to share info, vent or celebrate. Whatever this becomes....I'm hoping that someone sees something on here and thinks...."whoa...".

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