Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Lesson for the day...flexibility. Today I needed to redo lesson plans on the fly...something took longer than originally planned, so we had to cut something out. I didn't realize I was supposed to be done with something by the end of the 2nd grading term...so I had to rethink teaching a story and do another one. A teacher needed to work with a smaller group of students, so I took the others into my room and let them work on a math project using my computers.

Everyday teachers need to be fast thinkers. They need to flexible and they need to have about 100 different tricks up their sleeve. I've had people in the past ask me why I'm so tired...all I do is sit in a chair and teacher - how hard can that be? Um...well, I don't just sit in my chair, I move around to observe, listen and work with individuals and small groups. I mentally have to be on "my toes" if the lesson I started with isn't the lesson I end with. When you're constantly having to think on your feet - it's as draining as a physical job. Anyone who tells you differently, doesn't get it.

So, flexibility...if you can't be flexible...it's hard to do this job.

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