Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I love it when the kids teach me stuff. Part of my love of teaching is education. Education comes in all forms - whether it be me in a classroom learning new things or me in a classroom being taught by my students. Every year I find something they can teach me. Sometimes, it's about them, sometimes it's things they know, sometimes it's things I THOUGHT I knew - but they know better. I love this....I love that they can teach me stuff and they sometimes think it's cool that I like to learn from them.

In November, I get to be student and teacher. The daughter of a teacher I work with is going to teach me to play the guitar. I've had this thing sitting in my living room mocking me for the last 6 months...I figured it was time to do something with it. I knew that A. was giving lessons to some of the underclassmen last year when she was still in high school. We're actually doing this in trade. She's looking for someone to help her vocally. So, I'm going to work with her on voice and she's going to teach me to play the guitar. It works out pretty well.

I guess the kids think it's kinda cool that I'm "letting" a student teach me something. It's funny to me, because I think of it as normal.

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