Wednesday, October 6, 2010

percentile ranking....

The school I teach at is on the PLA's list...we decided last year to take on the Transformation Model, so this year we are working on initiatives to transform our school. We're looking at more testing of reading and math, writing and working in cross-curricular teams. We're having sped teachers come and work in smaller groups with our students. We're meeting constantly to find ways to increase our testing scores for the ever important, completely outdated's crazy.

What kind of cracks me up is that people actually expect schools to have EVERY child proficient in reading and math...100%. Seriously? Do you know that even if every student scored 100% that the percentile ranks would STILL rank the schools and SOMEBODY would have to be in the lower 41%? ARE YOU LISTENING?! Some school would have to be in the lower 41%...IT'S RANKED!

Every time I hear talk of people who are working toward this, it makes me laugh. Percentile ranking...there is NO WAY that we can all score above the 41%. I hope that people understand this and know why schools continually pull out our hair because we know this, but when we try to explain it to people....ugh. You might as well be talking to a wall for all the understanding of this concept. Don't get me wrong...I have met people within my own profession that don't understand this.

So, just to reiterate...percentile ranking....not happening - it's in ranking order and someone will have to be below.

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