Monday, October 4, 2010


So, this weekend was spent with some of the women in my family. Some I haven't seen in a long time and others that I miss on a regular basis. There were vary ages, from my mother and my aunt to a couple of cousins that are in college. There were varying degrees of education within this group...high school, college and post college. There were varying job descriptions; teacher, students, graphic designers, stay-at-home mothers, those that were retired and those that are in the professional and collegiate world.

What I learned this weekend is that no matter what....personal experiences matter. Each woman came with something that they knew and something they could learn from another in our group. It was nice to hear the conversations around the table, in the hotel room and just in general. No matter what, I respect these women because of their unrelenting drive to learn as well.

I hope that I get the chance to be a part of this group of wonderfully diverse and life educated women again.

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